About Us

We create wealth through real estate. 

As a team who cares about outcomes, nothing is more important than our clients, residents, Team, and the community in which we live and work. Because we own rental property and believe it is the best long-term financial investment, we are passionate about what we do and offer a unique understanding of your real estate goals.

CORE Values:
As we continue to grow and develop as individuals and a company, it becomes more important to define and establish the core values from which we develop our brand, culture, and our business strategies. Each decision we make and action we take must pass the core values test.  
These are the values we operate within and live by:

  • Relationships are the foundation of our success
  • We are a unified Team, creating win-win solutions
  • We never give up and we always make it happen
  • We delight people through WOW service
  • We run it like we own it
  • We never leave people in the dark
  • We are fun, creative, competitive, and awesome!
  • We do the right thing, period
  • We embrace technology to make it simple
  • We consider the customer in all we do
  • We take action before something happens
  • We know where we are going and are focused on results