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Why are routine property inspections important?

The role of Keyrenter is to play as the intermediary between property owners, tenants, and contractors who perform repairs and maintenance on the property. Successful property management requires regular inspections of the property to ensure that the property is taking care of the tenant, and the tenant is taking care of the property.  

  1. Of all the reasons routine inspections completed by Keyrenter are absolutely crucial to the success of a rental property, holding tenants accountable is high on the list.  Tenants will RESPECT what we INSPECT.  There is value behind the psychology of a tenant knowing we will inspect the property.  When a tenant knows the management company will be going through the home at least every 6 months, they are more likely to treat the property better, clean, and take care of their responsibilities.  Often times tenant will hire a professional cleaning company prior to us inspecting the property because they want to show us that they truly care.

  2. Keyrenter inspects the lawn and landscaping to ensure that it is being tended to properly. If not, it is the responsibility of the property manager to have the issue addressed by making sure the tenant begins managing the lawn care or by hiring a lawn care company to manage it, depending on the rental agreement. This is important, because failing to maintain a rental property's landscaping can potentially result in costly fines for the owner.

  3. Keyrenter inspects the exterior structure of the rental property and check for signs of damage and/or deterioration. Some of the items that require special attention include chipped, cracked or peeling paint, loose shutter, debris on the roof, loose or missing shingles, signs of water damage, and broken windows. 

  4. Keyrenter checks the condition of the interior of the structure. Items within the interior of the property that should be addressed include cracking or leaking of the foundation, inspection of all water heaters, gas heaters, and appliances. Window fixtures, entrance ways, sinks and toilets should be checked for signs of leakage, and the ceilings and flooring of every room inspected for water damage or signs of mold.

  5. Keyrenter checks for potential lease violations and to make sure the tenant is taking care of the property.  Things we look for are cleanliness, unauthorized pets, unauthorized occupants, signs of smoking in or on the property, and other potential concerns.  Doing this allows us to take action and remedy anything needing addressed.