The 6 Keys of Rental Success

We have learned that a continued focus on these 6 key areas results in the best outcomes for our rentals, and for those of our clients. Our focus on these provides rental owners the best service in the industry.

Key #1:  Low Vacancy
The largest expense most landlords face with rental property, is the vacancy time between tenants.  Many landlords lose thousands in rent simply because they don't understand some important guidelines to follow in order to avoid excessive vacancy time.

  • Market Based Rental Pricing
  • Property Condition (Keep it looking great!)
  • Video Tours
  • Pre-Advertising (Advertising Before Tenant Vacates)
  • Excellent Advertising Exposure
  • Showing Automation
  • Simple application and leasing process
  • Target Lease End Dates (peak months)
  • Keep Tenants Happy
    • Make Paying Rent Easy!
    • Online Portal
    • Awesome Support
    • Appreciation Events
    • Periodic Raffles

    Key #2:  Low Operating Costs

    There are costs associated with rental properties and there is no way to avoid this. However, proper budgeting for expected and unexpected expenses along with keeping costs as low as possible, will guide your rental to success.

    These four cost centers are the main focus for our rentals, and they should be for yours as well. We act with all diligence to keep these as reasonable as possible, while still offering the best program and service in the industry.

    Key #3:  Reduced Risk & Liability
    Reducing risk and liability is critical to the success of any rental property.  The costs from mistakes and situations caused by a lack of systems & processes can be very expensive.  Our strategies reduce these risks to a minimum.

    • Experience & training

    • Understanding of laws and regulations

    • Technology

    • Systems & procedures

    • Bulletproof lease agreements

    • Lease indemnifications

    • Partner Legal counsel

    • 24/7 emergency maintenance response

    • Tenant insurance requirements

    • EvictionGuard™

    Key #4:  High Quality Tenants

    A rental is only as successful as the tenant occupying the space.  For that reason, much of our effort is placed in the tenant screening and leasing process.  

    We are ok with turning away applicants, if it saves both you and us time, money, and grief.

    Our application process is completely electronic.  An easier process results in more and higher quality applications.

    14 Point Screening Criteria:
        Application Fee
        Photo ID
        Legal Residency
        Occupancy Limit
        Person Search (verify identity)
        Income Requirement
        Employment Verification
        Debt-to-Income Analysis
        Credit Report
        Criminal History
        Sex Offender Registry
        Eviction Registry
        Rental History

    Key #5:  Detailed Accounting & Timely Payments

    Consistency is very important to us, and so is your ability to understand everything financial pertaining to your property. Our statements are detailed, and you will receive them the same time each month and year. Payments are issued to you via direct deposit each month.

    Key #6:  Be Informed
    As the owner of your rental, you should know of the more important events taking place.  For that reason we provide:
    • Routine Detailed Inspections

    • Dedicated Property Manager

      • One main contact who knows all. Backup team and support.
    • Automated Notifications and Alerts

    • Online Account (portal) Access