We offer a variety of services and cater our maintenance programs to your needs.  Whether you want to be more involved than other clients, we have a solution for you. In addition to screening and troubleshooting tenant requests, we also have preferred pricing agreements with licensed and insured vendors, can offer landscaping, weed control, sprinkler maintenance, and other services. 

When a tenant makes a request for service, we have a vetting and screening process:
  1. We first determine if the issue is the responsibility of the tenant or the owner
  2. We then determine whether or not the request is a necessary repair according to the lease or other ordinances
  3. We then diagnose and troubleshoot with the tenant over the phone at no additional cost to you.  Often times we are able to resolve issues by sending the tenant simple instructions. 
  4. If that doesn't resolve the issue, we check to see if it could be under warranty from previous work.
  5. If the repair needed is new, we then work with our maintenance vendors to get you preferred pricing by setting do not exceed (DNE) limits and overseeing the work until completion. 
We notify you of new work orders so that you can be included and not left in the dark.  Of course we are setup and ready to take action but if you want to chime in or even take something over, simply reply back or get on the phone with our team to give further direction.

Our afterhours maintenance team can take calls, diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve issues evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.

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