Plumbing - What not to flush down the toilet.

What shouldn't you flush down the toilet?  Here's a list of 24 items you should never flush.

  1. Band-Aids – Made out of non-biodegradable plastic. Toss them in the trash.
  2. Condoms – Bad news for septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Condoms gum up the works.
  3. Cotton Balls & Q-Tips – Contrary to popular opinion, these don’t magically break down once flushed. They gather together, eventually clogging pipes.
  4. Food – Compost or trash it. Food can clump together and cause clogs.
  5. Facial Cleaning Pads – Thicker than toilet paper and thus can cause problems.
  6. Dental Floss – NOT biodegradable. Will wrap around small clogs to make them even bigger.
  7. Hair – Clogs pipes in no time. You know how you constantly have to unclog your drain because of the hair in it? Imagine that, but on a much larger scale.
  8. Dirt – Dump it outside, not in the toilet.
  9. Dryer Sheets – Made out of synthetic materials, not biodegradable.
  10. Prescription Medicines – Destroys bacteria and contaminates groundwater. Bring meds back to pharmacies for disposal.
  11. Grease & Fat – Congeals once it cools down, filling pipes with a solid mass that blocks pipes.
  12. Pesticides – Destroys the good bacteria used to break down waste at treatment plants.
  13. Baby Wipes – Too thick, can cause clogs.
  14. Cleaning Wipes – Ditto.
  15. Disposable diapers – Other than the fact that they were giant, disposable diapers are made out of plastic. Throw them in the trash if you have to use them.
  16. Cat Litter – Would you pour sand in your toilet? This is basically the same thing, but filled with potentially toxic cat feces.
  17. Tampons and Pads – Trash can is best here. These items are too thick for toilet plumbing.
  18. Cigarette Butts – Full of toxic chemicals that can pollute waterways.
  19. Chewing Gum – Can literally gum up the works.
  20. Nail Polish & Remover – Toxic.
  21. Dead Pet Goldfish – Not necessarily bad, but can cause problems with clogging or could introduce disease into septic system.
  22. Cosmetics – Potentially toxic and harmful to wastewater treatment plants and septic systems.
  23. Paper Towels – Do not break down like toilet paper. Too thick for plumbing pipes.
  24. Toilet Scrubbers – Do I have to say why?
So what’s left to flush? Just toilet paper (made from 100% recycled paper, of course) and human waste – that’s it. What would you add to the list of things you should not flush down the toilet? Are you guilty of using your toilet as a trash can? It’s time to change that behavior. It’s bad for you, the planet, your utility bills, and our water supplies