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Vendor Expectations

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The following expectations are understood by both Keyrenter and its Partner Vendors. Adherence to these guidelines and expectations will ensure a great working relationship.
  • Keyrenter’s Vendors are an extension of our company.  They are honest, ethical, reliable, and always strive to do the right thing.
  • They are professional in their appearance, communication, and in their workmanship. They treat people fairly and strive to do good work the first time.
  • They are excellent with communicating updates to both Keyrenter and the tenant on the status of work and ETAs of job completion.  They communicate directly only through Keyrenter staff and to tenants for which a work order has been created.  They respect the relationship Keyrenter has with property owners and the role Keyrenter plays in being the owner's agent.
  • They own their mistakes and do everything possible to correct them as they arise.
  • They are fair in their pricing and warrant their work.
  • They act promptly with work orders and service requests given to them by Keyrenter staff.
  • They follow up and oversee their work to completion. 
  • They treat tenants with kindness and professionalism, even when there are occasional challenges.
  • They invoice quickly and are clear and detailed in their job descriptions.  They invoice only after work is 100% completed and the job site is cleaned up.
  • They understand that our properties are non-smoking and they do not smoke anywhere in or on the property and within 25 ft. of a neighboring property.
  • They clean up after themselves and leave the job site better than when they arrived.
  • They always secure the property when leaving and report back to Keyrenter possible issues with the property and possible lease violations by the tenant.
  • They always carry appropriate insurance and licensing for the work they are asked to complete.
  • They always notify Keyrenter staff when their workload is too heavy for them to promptly respond to new work orders.
  • They never complete work without approval and always have pricing approved prior to beginning work.  They are given Do Not Exceed (DNE) limits for most jobs to speed up the approval process.
  • They always document work orders by taking before, during, and after digital photos.

  • Keyrenter Vendors can expect from our company:
    • Honesty, integrity, effective communication, work orders that give clear descriptions of what is needed, fair treatment, prompt payment (within 30 days of receipt of invoice), a team mentality and working relationship.